The World’s Top 17 Largest PCB Manufacturers

Printed Circuits

Since its inception in 1977, Printed Circuits has now become a well-known printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer. They have over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing PCBs. Pcb board manufacturers have a professional team of personnel and extensive expertise. They are able to manufacture the right solution for the unique needs of their customers.Printed Circuits’ ISO 9001:2015, military performance specification UL 94 V-0 proves the reliability and durability of Printed Circuits’ PCB solutions. In industries such as aerospace, medical, and military, it has a solution for any PCB challenge, no matter how complex. Printed Circuits board manufacturers make high-quality rigid-flex PCBs for customers in a wide range of industries. They have a 55,000 square foot facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is one of the largest flexible circuit manufacturing centers in the world. So pcb makers have easy access to circuit materials, technology, and expertise that allows them to produce quality products for their customers in a timely manner.


Eurocircuits is a specialist manufacturer and assembler of prototype and small series PCBs. They are committed to providing complete electronics services. And They are committed to providing complete electronics services. And they are committed to producing cheap pcb manufacturing. Previously they have been producing prototype and small series boards in specialized factories in Germany and Hungary.Founded in Belgium in 1991 as a pcb manufacturing companies, today they have sales offices in many countries. Thus, it is a pcb board manufacturer with strong credentials.In terms of technology, they use standard technology and high-density interconnect technology. This helps customers to achieve fast production. They are also able to develop the best PCB design flow and have developed a range of eC-smart tools to help them achieve this. Ordering from Eurocircuits is simple, reliable, and readily available, and pcb prototype manufacturers can also provide customers with added value and solutions when data exceptions occur.

Advanced Circuits

As the third largest printed circuit board manufacturer in the United States. Their customer service is superior and reliable. Advanced Circuits pcb manufacturer also offers exclusive services to help customers with their PCB projects. Check out their free PCB layout software PCB Artist and free PCB file checking freedom. Advanced Circuits wants to earn customer praise through their printed circuit board manufacturing and assembly capabilities.The pcb maker has its own 62,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce high quality pcb boards for you quickly. You will receive a free engineering file review before you proceed with manufacturing, which means samples will be sent to you free of charge. To prevent you may end up with boards that don’t work. They always put the customer’s thoughts first


Established in 2006, JLCPCB has been at the forefront of the PCB board making industry. For more than 14 years, it has been innovating and improving according to customer needs and growing rapidly to become the world’s leading printed circuit board manufacturers, offering rapid production of highly reliable and cost-effective PCBs, creating the best customer experience in the industry. This pcb manufacturer has more than 800,000 customers, with over 20,000 daily orders and exports of goods to over 170 countries.Whether you want to create your first PCB or develop an electronic hardware product. They help you build hardware easier and faster by providing fast PCB prototyping and SMT assembly services. PCB assembly manufacturers are always looking for new ways to improve and shorten the PCB prototyping process.Pcb assembly services range from line quoting/ordering systems, automated production to fast delivery.Their advanced PCB technology delivers high-precision boards for industrial, military, aerospace, and medical applications. Pcb prototype manufacturers have been continuously investing in top quality substrates and advanced equipment for fully automated production lines. This enables them to provide their customers with efficient and consistently high quality custom circuit board.

Uet pcb

With over 15 years of industry leadership, UET is one of the most experienced and professional PCB and PCB assembly manufacturers in China. UET PCB manufacturer is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has its own pcb manufacturing plant. This is a very good china pcb manufacturer.Their products use in automotive, medical, consumer electronics, aerospace, digital communication, industrial control, etc. They also provide the best PCB assembly services and are capable of mass production of pcb in a short time with high quality. Their business also includes PCB manufacturing and electronic contract manufacturing services.Uet pcb manufacturer is working hard to produce the best printed circuit boards for our customers. pcb manufacturer’s goal is to be the easiest printed circuit board manufacturer to do business with. Within their stated PCB manufacturing capabilities, pcb manufacturer will fully support the workmanship and quality of your PCB order, and if you are not satisfied with your order, you are free to contact them! Uet pcb factory is ISO 9001 certified, so the quality of your PCB boards is guaranteed.


Epec is now the fastest growing pcb maker with over 100 passionate and dedicated employees in North America, Asia, and Western Europe. Their 65 years of reliability and financial stability have allowed them to excel at fulfilling orders.Custom, printed electronics are their entire business, and flexibility is at the heart of their ability to meet the dynamic needs of their customers. To ensure the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective design and manufacturing process. This pcb maker understand the complete product design and manufacturing process to provide solutions that fit the go-to-market strategy.Pcb board manufacturers have a global team of professionals who are experts in their fields. Rather than limiting their production capabilities to US and UK manufacturing centers. They have developed UL-certified, world-class production facilities that are ISO-9001, QS-9002, TS-16949 compliant with a consistent technology roadmap and quality system.

PCB Solutions

PCB Solutions is a limited liability company located in Reno, Nevada. They have been distributing printed circuit boards and other custom manufacturing services for many years. They are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of their customers with competitive pricing, value-added services, and custom manufactured products. And there are no international payments, customs, brokerage fees, international shipping issues, supplier quality audits, or any other hassles that can cause problems.He is well known as a distributor among european pcb manufacturers. They provide dedicated support to their domestic customers. Over the years, pcb board manufacturers are known for their flagship product – printed circuit board manufacturing. They also source other housings, connectors and components for the electronics industry..They are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service.All incoming inspections and quality details requested by customers are handled by industry veterans. This ensures that you get consistent results on all pcb assembly services orders.


Headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, USA, Digi-Key is one of the fastest growing electronic components distributors in the world. Founded in 1972, Digi-Key pioneered the mail order catalog business and is a great resource for design engineers. Today, Digi-Key offers the largest selection of in-stock electronic components in the world, available for immediate shipment.Also, as a major employer in Northwest Minnesota, Digi-Key has long been aware of the potential impact of shared resources.As such, it has a responsibility to be a good steward of the environment. As Digi-Key continues to grow, they strive to minimize the impact of their products on the environment. while continuing to provide the best pcb assembly services in the industry!

PCB International

PCB International (PCBI) is located in Seattle, Washington, USA and is one of the leading technology centers in the U.S. Pcb assembly services’ core principles are innovation, adaptability, and customer-focused, designing products from start to finish. Their provides comprehensive PCB solutions to a global customer base. pcbi from pcb designing and fabrication to product delivery. They all serve countless customers with fair pricing, superior quality and technical expertise. pcb maker leverages years of expertise and experience to produce rigid, flexible and other printed circuit boards with the highest quality and reliability.Since 2009, PCBI has been providing stable printed circuit board solutions. And will take care of all the aspects needed to connect the customer’s design concept to reality. They want to be the best at what they do and are constantly striving to improve their pcb assembly services supply chain, product offerings and systems..


Since 1997, RUSH PCB Inc. can provide printed circuit board manufacturingand assembly services to the electronics industry in the United States and worldwide. Pcb is a one-stop store for all types of PCBs – printed circuit board manufacturing and design, PCB fabrication of full turnkey PCB assemblies. Pcb manufacturer is in the business of manufacturing 2-layer to 32-layer circuit boards, providing fast delivery and complete turnkey assemblies.RUSH PCB Inc. specializes in higher level PCBs, specialty materials, laser drilled micro vias, blind/buried vias, and conductive and non-conductive via fill. pcb manufacturer staff works with you, our customer, throughout the initial design and development process to ensure manufacturability, product quality, and consistency. All of their products manufacture to the highest standards, from bare circuit boards to boxed builds, and final assembly pcb manufacturers have the most competitive pricing.


At WellPCB, they focus on providing first-class PCB assembly turnkey and PCB manufacturing services to their customers. Pcb manufacturing companies always want to provide the best quality and give the lowest price. Their prices are the lowest among the global pcb board manufacturers, so if you want a low price and shortest time to get the goods, choose wellpcb is a good choice.


Welcome to ASC, Inc., the ideal pcb manufacturing companies for today’s electronics industry. ASC Inc. has earned a reputation as a reliable source for printed circuit boards. Their focus is on providing PCBs for research and development as well as the production needs of today’s businesses.Their machining lathes and milling centers are at the forefront of technology, providing unparalleled speed and machining accuracy. one of the sourcing requirements for a pcb manufacturer’s high-speed, high-performance machines is that the central processing unit (CPU) must have immediate access to more data, so more precise adjustments can be made.


PCBONLINE is the online factory outlet of Global Success Group. They offer high-end EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services), including but not limited to advanced PCB manufacturing, assembly, layout services, and component sourcing. They provide the best PCB/PCBA and EMS services to the best of their ability to streamline your electronics production.The pcb manufacturer also has three huge factories, one for rapid PCB prototyping, one for PCB assembly, and another for mass PCB production, all with full manufacturing capabilities and experienced engineers and technicians. So it can produce large orders quickly.


Orbotech, a KLA company, is a leading pcb supplier of process innovation technologies, solutions, and equipment for the global electronics manufacturing industry.It has over 35 years of proven experience in product development and project delivery. Orbotech pcb manufacturers specialize in high precision production solutions for printed circuit boards, flat panel and flexible panel displays, and more.As the demand for smaller and thinner, wearable, and flexible devices continues to grow. The electronics industry needs to translate these evolving needs into reality by producing smarter devices that support smaller electronic packages, new form factors, and different substrates.Orbotech’s expertise lies in its ability to bridge the gap between the needs of designers and their implementation on the electronics manufacturing floor to enable their high volume production. As a strong, field-proven partner, Orbotech is ready to confidently drive the supply chain into the future.

Olimex Ltd

Olimex Ltd is a leading pcb supplier of development tools and programmers for the embedded market. The company has 28 years of experience designing, prototyping, and manufacturing printed circuit boards, subassemblies, and complete electronic products. The company found in 1991 in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria. They have extensive knowledge in analog, digital, and microcontroller design. And the company covers an area of 5,000 m2. pcb manufacturer’s production facility of 10,000 m2 allows for fast and efficient production of bulk orders.


Pcbprime has been in the electronics industry for over 20 years. Its products are suitable for pcb enthusiasts or students because PCBs are relatively inexpensive. pcb manufacturers allow you to go ahead and upgrade your boards as many times as you want and never have to pay for tooling or testing again. You can also transfer old parts processed in another factory to them to match your existing array and template setup.

Super pcb

Since Super PCB was founded in 2003. They have provided high quality PCBs to many companies in many industries, from consumer electronics to telecom, new energy, aerospace, automotive and more. Pcb manufacturers follow strict ISO 14000 standards to protect the environment during the manufacturing process. Each board meets IPC Class II or higher standards, and in addition to ISO and UL certificates, their factories are TS16949 certified (for the automotive industry).

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